The K-pop band MAVE: has 20 million YouTube views. What’s unusual about the band? answered

The K-pop band MAVE: has 20 million YouTube views. What’s unusual about the band?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A: They’re virtual characters
B: They all play instruments
C: They’re from North Korea

The correct answer is They’re virtual characters.

See The Reason for That answer below:

The South Korean girl group MAVE: has offered a glimpse into the metaverse with their virtual existence. Their debut music video went viral, amassing almost 20 million views on YouTube, showcasing their potential for global success. The group, consisting of four members – SIU, ZENA, TYRA, and MARTY – only exists in the virtual world with their songs, dances, interviews, and even hairstyles created by web designers and AI. This offers a peek into how the metaverse is likely to develop, as South Korea’s tech and entertainment industries collaborate in this emerging technology.

Kakao Corp, a tech giant, is pushing to become a dominant force in entertainment by backing MAVE: and launching a 1.25 trillion won ($960 million) tender offer to acquire South Korean K-pop pioneer SM Entertainment. The group’s human-like avatars are a testament to the progress South Korean technology has made in creating virtual characters, with new tools and AI making them more natural-looking. While some question whether virtual groups like MAVE: can match the interaction between conventional popular bands and their fans, others remain optimistic about their potential.

The COVID-19 pandemic aided the growth of virtual characters as many K-pop companies pivoted to online content to connect with home-bound fans. However, whether virtual and actual idol groups can integrate remains to be seen. Regardless, MAVE:’s creators and entertainment industry officials remain upbeat about their potential, with fans worldwide showing interest in something new and demonstrating an open-mindedness towards virtual entertainment.

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The K-pop band MAVE: has 20 million YouTube views. What's unusual about the band? answered