Answered: Which castle’s home country begins with the letter E, F, G, or I? This or that?

The Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is: Which castle’s home country begins with the letter E, F, G, or I? This or that?

The options and the correct answers to this Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question are tabulated below:

Option AOption BCorrect answer
Spiš CastleChâteau de FontainebleauChâteau de Fontainebleau
Boldt CastleWindsor CastleWindsor Castle
Leeds CastlePredjama CastleLeeds Castle
Himeji CastleMysore PalaceMysore Palace
Conwy CastleNeuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein Castle
Mateus PalaceWartburg CastleWartburg Castle
Château de ChenonceauMikulov CastleChâteau de Chenonceau
Castle ReichensteinCastle ZuzemberkCastle Reichenstein
Kylemore AbbeyOsaka CastleKylemore Abbey
Dunluce CastleCorvin CastleDunluce Castle
Answered: This or that? Which castle’s home country begins with the letter E, F, G, or I?

This is a list of 786 famous castles and Forts from countries whose names begin with the letters E, F, G, or I:

Name Of Castle or FortCountry Of Location
Fortification of MemphisEgypt
Fort of Walls of the Prince (inebw heka), Eastern Delta.Egypt
Fortress of Wadi Natrun, western Delta.Egypt
Rhakotis fort, AlexandriaEgypt
Tahpanhes fort or Castle of the Jew’s DaughterEgypt
Heliopolis Fortifications.Egypt
The Way of Horus coastal forts, SinaiEgypt
Tharu castle, SinaiEgypt
Qantara East fort, SinaiEgypt
Kolsum castle, SuezEgypt
Boto Fort of Seti I, (Qatia area), Sinai.Egypt
Tell-Huba Fortress, SinaiEgypt
Pelusium Fort,Egypt
Tharu city fortifications.Egypt
The ancient castle at BuhenEgypt
Fort of Kubban, NubiaEgypt
Semna fortificationEgypt
Kumma fortEgypt
Aniba FortEgypt
Uronarti fortEgypt
Mirgissa fortEgypt
Shalfak fortEgypt
Askut fortEgypt
Senusret I-III seventeen south fortresses.Egypt
Dabenarti fortEgypt
Faras FortEgypt
Serra Fort.Egypt
Acton Burnell CastleEngland
Alnwick CastleEngland
Appleby CastleEngland
Arundel CastleEngland
Ashby-de-la-Zouch CastleEngland
Auckland CastleEngland
Aydon CastleEngland
Baconsthorpe CastleEngland
Bamburgh CastleEngland
Barden TowerEngland
Barnard CastleEngland
Bedford CastleEngland
Beeston CastleEngland
Bellister CastleEngland
Belsay CastleEngland
Berkeley CastleEngland
Berkhamsted CastleEngland
Berry Pomeroy CastleEngland
Berwick CastleEngland
Biggleswade CastleEngland
Blenkinsopp CastleEngland
Bodiam CastleEngland
Bolingbroke CastleEngland
Bolsover CastleEngland
Bolton CastleEngland
Bowes CastleEngland
Bramber CastleEngland
Brancepeth CastleEngland
Bridgnorth Castle and GardensEngland
Brough CastleEngland
Brougham CastleEngland
Bungay CastleEngland
Bytham CastleEngland
Bywell CastleEngland
Cainhoe CastleEngland
Caister CastleEngland
Calshot CastleEngland
Camber CastleEngland
Cambridge Castle (Cambridge Hill)England
Canterbury CastleEngland
Carisbrooke CastleEngland
Carlisle CastleEngland
Cartington CastleEngland
Castle Acre CastleEngland
Castle Green & Hereford CastleEngland
Castle HoweEngland
Castle Rising CastleEngland
Chalgrave CastleEngland
Chester Castle, Agricola TowerEngland
Chillingham CastleEngland
Christchurch CastleEngland
Clare CastleEngland
Clifford CastleEngland
Cliffords TowerEngland
Clitheroe CastleEngland
Clun CastleEngland
Colchester Castle MuseumEngland
Conisbrough CastleEngland
Corfe CastleEngland
Dalton CastleEngland
Dane John MoundEngland
Dartmouth CastleEngland
Daws CastleEngland
Deal CastleEngland
Deddington CastleEngland
Devizes CastleEngland
Donnington CastleEngland
Dover CastleEngland
Dudley CastleEngland
Dunstanburgh CastleEngland
Dunster CastleEngland
Durham CastleEngland
Edlingham CastleEngland
Egremont CastleEngland
Elsdon CastleEngland
Etal CastleEngland
Eye CastleEngland
Eynsford CastleEngland
Farleigh Hungerford CastleEngland
Farnham Castle KeepEngland
Flamborough CastleEngland
Fotheringhay CastleEngland
Framlingham CastleEngland
Gleaston CastleEngland
Goodrich CastleEngland
Hadleigh CastleEngland
Hampton Court Castle & GardenEngland
Hedingham CastleEngland
Helmsley CastleEngland
Hereford Castle PondEngland
Herstmonceux CastleEngland
Hever CastleEngland
Huntingdon CastleEngland
Hurst CastleEngland
Hylton CastleEngland
Kendal CastleEngland
Kenilworth CastleEngland
Kimbolton CastleEngland
Kinnersley CastleEngland
Kirby Muxloe CastleEngland
Knaresborough CastleEngland
Lancaster CastleEngland
Launceston CastleEngland
Leeds CastleEngland
Leicester CastleEngland
Lewes Castle and Barbican House MuseumEngland
Lincoln CastleEngland
Lindisfarne CastleEngland
Longthorpe TowerEngland
Longtown CastleEngland
Ludgershall CastleEngland
Ludlow CastleEngland
Lydford CastleEngland
Meppershall CastleEngland
Middleham CastleEngland
Morpeth CastleEngland
Mount Bures Castle MotteEngland
Muncaster CastleEngland
New Buckenham CastleEngland
Newark CastleEngland
Norham CastleEngland
Norwich CastleEngland
Nottingham CastleEngland
Nunney CastleEngland
Oakham CastleEngland
Odell CastleEngland
Odiham CastleEngland
Okehampton CastleEngland
Old SarumEngland
Old Wardour CastleEngland
Orford CastleEngland
Oxford CastleEngland
Pendennis CastleEngland
Pendragon CastleEngland
Penrith CastleEngland
Pevensey CastleEngland
Peveril CastleEngland
Pickering CastleEngland
Piel CastleEngland
Pontefract CastleEngland
Portchester CastleEngland
Portland CastleEngland
Prudhoe CastleEngland
Raby CastleEngland
Rayleigh MountEngland
Restormel CastleEngland
Richmond CastleEngland
Rochester CastleEngland
Rockingham CastleEngland
Rufus CastleEngland
Sandal CastleEngland
Scarborough CastleEngland
Scotney CastleEngland
Sherborne Old CastleEngland
Shrewsbury CastleEngland
Skipsea CastleEngland
Skipton CastleEngland
Sleaford CastleEngland
Someries CastleEngland
Somerton CastleEngland
Spofforth CastleEngland
St Briavel’s CastleEngland
St Catherines CastleEngland
St Mawes CastleEngland
St Michael’s MountEngland
Stafford CastleEngland
Stamford CastleEngland
Stapleton Castle and GardenEngland
Stogursey CastleEngland
Sutton Valence CastleEngland
Tamworth CastleEngland
Thetford CastleEngland
Thirlwall CastleEngland
Thurleigh CastleEngland
Tintagel CastleEngland
Tiverton CastleEngland
Toddington CastleEngland
Tonbridge CastleEngland
Totnes CastleEngland
Tower of LondonEngland
Tutbury CastleEngland
Tynemouth Castle and PrioryEngland
Upnor CastleEngland
Walden CastleEngland
Wallingford CastleEngland
Walmer Castle and GardensEngland
Wark in Tynedale CastleEngland
Warkworth CastleEngland
Warwick CastleEngland
Weeting CastleEngland
Westenhanger Castle and BarnsEngland
Whittington CastleEngland
Whorlton CastleEngland
Wigmore CastleEngland
Wilton CastleEngland
Winchester CastleEngland
Windsor CastleEngland
Wolvesey Castle (Bishop’s Palace)England
Yarmouth CastleEngland
Yielden CastleEngland
Hermann CastleEstonia
Paide CastleEstonia
Pärnu CastleEstonia
Pöide CastleEstonia
Rakvere CastleEstonia
Toompea CastleEstonia
Guzara CastleEthiopia
Fasilides CastleEthiopia
Kusquam CastleEthiopia
St. Olaf’s CastleFinland
Turku CastleFinland
Häme CastleFinland
Kastelholm CastleFinland
Raseborg CastleFinland
Hamina FortressFinland
Kärnäkoski FortressFinland
Svartholm fortressFinland
Ruotsinsalmi sea fortressFinland
Chantier Médiéval De Guédelon, La Puisaye, FranceFrance
Chateau AmboiseFrance
Chateau Azay Le RideauFrance
Chateau BloisFrance
Château D’Ancy-Le-Franc, Tonnerre, FranceFrance
Château D’AngersFrance
Château D’Annecy, FranceFrance
Château De BeauregardFrance
Château De Beynac, FranceFrance
Château De Bonaguil, FranceFrance
Château De Brancion, Tournus, FranceFrance
Château De CaenFrance
Château De Castelnau-Bretenoux, FranceFrance
Château De Castelnaud, FranceFrance
Chateau De ChambordFrance
Château De ChantillyFrance
Château De Chaumont-Sur-LoireFrance
Chateau De Chenonceau, FranceFrance
Château De ChevernyFrance
Chateau De Chinon, FranceFrance
Château De Fénelon, FranceFrance
Chateau De JosselinFrance
Château De Joux, FranceFrance
Chateau De LangeaisFrance
Château De Loches, FranceFrance
Château De La Rochepot, FranceFrance
Château De Menthon-St-Bernard, FranceFrance
Château De Meursault, FranceFrance
Château De Montségur, FranceFrance
Château De Murol, FranceFrance
Château De Pau, FranceFrance
Chateau De Peyrepertuse, FranceFrance
Château De Pommard, FranceFrance
Château De St-MaloFrance
Chateau De Sully Sur LoireFrance
Château De Sully, FranceFrance
Château De TanlayFrance
Château De Tarascon, FranceFrance
Château De Vaux Le VicomteFrance
Albrechtsburg, MeißenGermany
Augustusburg Palace, BrühlGermany
Barock Schloss Mannheim, GermanyGermany
Benrath Palace, DusseldorfGermany
Burg Altena, SoestGermany
Burg Eltz, WierschemGermany
Burg Reichenstein, GermanyGermany
Burg RheinfelsGermany
Burg Rheinstein, GermanyGermany
Burg TrifelsGermany
Burg VischeringGermany
Colditz Castle, Saxony, GermanyGermany
Dornburger SchlösserGermany
Ehrenburg Palace, CoburgGermany
Granitz Hunting Lodge, BinzGermany
Güstrow PalaceGermany
Hambacher SchlossGermany
Heidelberg Castle, GermanyGermany
Herrenchiemsee Palace, GermanyGermany
Hohenschwangau CastleGermany
Hohenzollern CastleGermany
Ludwigslust PalaceGermany
Marienberg Fortress, WürzburgGermany
Marienburg CastleGermany
Moritzburg CastleGermany
Museum Schloss Herrenhäusen, HanoverGermany
Neues PalaisGermany
Neuschwanstein CastleGermany
Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, GermanyGermany
Park & Schloss BranitzGermany
Park & Schloss BranitzGermany
Park Sanssouci, Potsdam, GermanyGermany
Pillnitz CastleGermany
Residenz MünchenGermany
Residenzschloss, DresdenGermany
Schloss CharlottenburgGermany
Schloss Friedenstein, GothaGermany
Schloss Hämelschenburg, HamelinGermany
Schloss Harburg, GermanyGermany
Schloss HohentübingenGermany
Schloss KarlsruheGermany
Schloss Linderhof, BavariaGermany
Schloss Moyland, XantenGermany
Schloss Museum JeverGermany
Schloss Neuhaus, PaderbornGermany
Schloss Salem, GermanyGermany
Schloss Sanssouci, PotsdamGermany
Schloss SolitudeGermany
Schloss Thurn Und Taxis, RegensburgGermany
Schloss Tiefurt, WeimarGermany
Schloss Weesenstein, GermanyGermany
Schloss WernigerodeGermany
Schloss WilhelmsburgGermany
Schloss Wilhemshöhe, KasselGermany
Schlossmuseum, QuedlinburgGermany
Schlossplatz, SaarbrückenGermany
Schwerin Castle, GermanyGermany
Schwetzingen PalaceGermany
Stadtschloss, FuldaGermany
Wörlitz Park & SchlossGermany
Wörlitz Park & SchlossGermany
Würzburger ResidenzGermany
Fort Good Hope (Fort Goedehoop)Ghana
Cape Coast CastleGhana
Fort Patience (Fort Leysaemhyt)Ghana
Fort AmsterdamGhana
Fort St. Jago (Fort Conraadsburg)Ghana
Fort BatensteinGhana
Fort San SebastianGhana
Fort Metal CrossGhana
English Fort (Fort Vredenburg)Ghana
Fort Saint AntonyGhana
Elmina Castle (St. George’s Castle / Fort St. Jorge)Ghana
Agios Georgios CastleGreece
Agios Andreas CastleGreece
Agios Georgios CastleGreece
Amfissa CastleGreece
Angelokastro (Corfu)Greece
Anthousa CastleGreece
Anthimachia CastleGreece
Aptera FortressGreece
Araklovon Castle[1]Greece
Arkessini CastleGreece
Arta CastleGreece
Asini CastleGreece
Assos CastleGreece
Arkadia CastleGreece
Astypalaia CastleGreece
Castle of BoukaGreece
Bourtzi (Karystos)Greece
Castle of Chalkis (Karababa)Greece
Castle of ChiosGreece
Castle of MytileneGreece
Cythera CastleGreece
Didymoteicho FortressGreece
Elea CastleGreece
Esphigmenou Monastery-fortressGreece
Exomvourgo FortressGreece
Firkas Fortress (Revellino)Greece
Fortezza of RethymnoGreece
Fortifications of ChaniaGreece
Fortifications of HeraklionGreece
Fotodotis monastery-fortressGreece
Fyli CastleGreece
Gardiki CastleGreece
Geraki CastleGreece
Glarentza CastleGreece
Goulas CastleGreece
Gramvousa CastleGreece
Kales CastleGreece
Ioannina CastleGreece
Itzedin FortressGreece
Kalamata CastleGreece
Kalymnos CastleGreece
Karytaina CastleGreece
Kassiopi CastleGreece
Kastelli of EmporioGreece
Kastelli of PyrgosGreece
Kastellos (Kritinia)Greece
Kavala CastleGreece
Kazarma fortressGreece
Koroni CastleGreece
Koules Fortress (Rocca al Mare)Greece
Lamia CastleGreece
Larissa CastleGreece
Laskara CastleGreece
Leros CastleGreece
Lindos CastleGreece
Mesta fortified townGreece
Methoni CastleGreece
Mithymna CastleGreece
Monastery of Saint John the TheologianGreece
Monemvasia FortressGreece
Moni ArkadiouGreece
Moni ToplouGreece
Monolithos CastleGreece
Myrina FortressGreece
Mystras PalaceGreece
Nafpaktos CastleGreece
Naxos CastleGreece
Nerantzia CastleGreece
New Fortress, CorfuGreece
New Navarino fortressGreece
Old Fortress, CorfuGreece
Old Navarino castleGreece
Orchomenus (Boeotia) CastleGreece
Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of RhodesGreece
Pantokrator CastleGreece
Parga CastleGreece
Patras CastleGreece
Pente Pigadia FortGreece
Platamon CastleGreece
Pleuron CastleGreece
Fortifications of RhodesGreece
Riniasa Castle / ThomokastroGreece
Rio CastleGreece
Saint John CastleGreece
Santa Maura CastleGreece
Servia castleGreece
Simonopetra monastery-fortressGreece
Skiathos CastleGreece
Spinalonga CastleGreece
Stavronikita monastery-fortressGreece
Tiryns CastleGreece
Toroivia CastleGreece
Trikala CastleGreece
Vonitsa CastleGreece
Voukation CastleGreece
Vrysoula BastionGreece
Walls of ThessalonikiGreece
Xenophontos monastery-fortressGreece
Agra FortIndia
Aligarh FortIndia
Allahabad FortIndia
Amer FortIndia
Anegondi FortIndia
Ankola FortIndia
Bandhavgarh FortIndia
Bangalore FortIndia
Barabati fortIndia
Basavakalyana FortIndia
Bassein FortIndia
Bekal FortIndia
Belapur FortIndia
Belgaum FortIndia
Bellary FortIndia
Bhalki FortIndia
Bidar FortIndia
Bijapur FortIndia
Bundi FortIndia
Chapora FortIndia
Chitradurga FortIndia
Chittaurgarh FortIndia
The Red FortIndia
Devanahalli FortIndia
Dindigul FortIndia
Tamil NaduIndia
Diu FortIndia
Fort At BathindaIndia
Fort MadhogarhIndia
Fort St. George,India
Fort St. Anthony Of SimborIndia
Gajendragad FortIndia
Ghodbunder FortIndia
Gingee FortIndia
Gohad FortIndia
Golkonda FortIndia
Gulbarga FortIndia
Gwalior FortIndia
Hosdurg FortIndia
Jaigarh FortIndia
Jaisalmer FortIndia
Jalore FortIndia
Jamalabad FortIndia
Jhansi FortIndia
Junagarh FortIndia
Kalinjar FortIndia
Keshgarh FortIndia
Kittur FortIndia
Kolaba FortIndia
Koppal FortIndia
Kota FortIndia
Kumbhalgarh FortIndia
Lohagarh FortIndia
Mahim FortIndia
Mazagon FortIndia
Mehrangarh FortIndia
Mirjan FortIndia
Mudgal FortIndia
Mulbagal FortIndia
Mundargi FortIndia
Nahargarh FortIndia
Nargund FortIndia
Palakkad FortIndia
Pallipuram FortIndia
Panhala FortIndia
Parasgad FortIndia
Patan Torawati FortIndia
Payal FortIndia
Rajagiri FortIndia
Ramnagar FortIndia
Reis Magos FortIndia
Riwa FortIndia
Sadashivgad FortIndia
Saundatti FortIndia
Sewri FortIndia
Shahapur FortIndia
Shivneri FortIndia
Sion Hillock FortIndia
St. Angelo FortIndia
Taragarh FortIndia
Tellicherry FortIndia
Udayagiri FortIndia
Vattakottai FortIndia
Vellore FortIndia
Worli FortIndia
Aamaj CastleIran
Ab Sefid Ab castleIran
Abarndabad castleIran
Abdanan CastleIran
Abhar castleIran
Abtar castleIran
Afrasiab Khan castleIran
Agha Khan Liravi-ye castleIran
Aghli Beg castleIran
Aghur castleIran
Ahmadabad castleIran
Akbar Khan castleIran
Akh Kand Bala castleIran
Akh Kand Pain castleIran
Alamut CastleIran
Ali Ahmad Domab castleIran
Aliabad Castle, BirjandIran
Aliabad Castle, Pish KuhIran
Allahabad castleIran
Ammameh castleIran
Angosht Gabri castleIran
Anjir Dehloran castleIran
Aq Bolagh castleIran
Aq Qaleh Golabar castleIran
Arbabi castleIran
Ardal castleIran
Ardalan castleIran
Ardeshir castleIran
Ardi castleIran
Arg Bala castleIran
Arg of Alma DushenIran
Arg of AnarIran
Arg of Karim KhanIran
Arg of KashmarIran
Arg of Kolah FarangiIran
Arg of Murcheh KhvortIran
Arg of TabasIran
Arg of TabrizIran
Arg-e BamIran
Arrajan castleIran
Arudasht Lar castleIran
Asgarabad castleIran
Ashpaz Khaneh Zahhak castleIran
Asil castleIran
Asu castleIran
Atashgah CastleIran
Atashgah Castle, QehiIran
Avarsin castleIran
Azhdeha Peykar castleIran
Azizabad castleIran
Azna castleIran
Babak FortIran
Iraj CastleIran
Izad-Khast CastleIran
Narin CastleIran
Qal’eh DokhtarIran
Rayen CastleIran
Rudkhan CastleIran
Kirkuk CitadelIraq
Fortress of UkhaidirIraq
Erbil CitadelIraq
Zarb CastleIraq
Pashtabia CastleIraq
Tel Afar CitadelIraq
Khanzad CastleIraq
Sherwana CastleIraq
Serchok CastleIraq
Classiebawn CastleIreland
McDermott’s CastleIreland
Doonagore CastleIreland
Clough Oughter CastleIreland
Dunluce CastleIreland
Kinbane CastleIreland
Cú Chulainn’s CastleIreland
Leap Castle (the Most Haunted Castle in Ireland)Ireland
Tully CastleIreland
Charleville CastleIreland
Birr CastleIreland
Kilkenny CastleIreland
Dublin CastleIreland
King John’s CastleIreland
Trim CastleIreland
Cahir CastleIreland
Belfast CastleIreland
Carrickfergus CastleIreland
Blarney Castle (yes, it’s home to the Blarney Stone)Ireland
Bunratty CastleIreland
Ross Castle (Killarney Castle)Ireland
Lismore CastleIreland
Ashford CastleIreland
Blackrock CastleIreland
Slane CastleIreland
Glenveagh CastleIreland
The Rock of CashelIreland
BishopscourtIsle of Man
Castle RushenIsle of Man
Cronk Howe MooarIsle of Man
Derby FortIsle of Man
Greeba CastleIsle of Man
Apollonia FortressIsrael
Montfort CastleIsrael
Nimrod CastleIsrael
David’s CitadelIsrael
Cafarlet CastleIsrael
Belvoir CastleIsrael
Antipatris FortIsrael
Acre Hospitaller FortressIsrael
Atlit FortressIsrael
Castello normanno, Anversa degli AbruzziItaly
Castello Orsini-Colonna, AvezzanoItaly
Castello Piccolomini, BalsoranoItaly
Castle of Barisciano, BariscianoItaly
Castello di Barrea, BarreaItaly
Castle of Bominaco, BominacoItaly
Castello di Bugnara, BugnaraItaly
Rocca Calascio, CalascioItaly
Castello Piccolomini, CapestranoItaly
Castello di Carsoli, CarsoliItaly
Castello di Castel di Sangro, Castel di SangroItaly
Palazzo dei Conti di Celano, Castelvecchio SubequoItaly
Castello Piccolomini, CelanoItaly
Castle of Fossa, FossaItaly
Castello di Gagliano Aterno, Gagliano AternoItaly
Forte Spagnolo, L’AquilaItaly
Castello Orsini, Massa d’AlbeItaly
Palazzo Santucci, NavelliItaly
Castle of Ocre, OcreItaly
Castello di Oricola, OricolaItaly
Castello di Ortona dei Marsi, Ortona dei MarsiItaly
Castello Piccolomini, OrtucchioItaly
Castello Caldora, PacentroItaly
Castello di Pereto, PeretoItaly
Castello Cantelmo, Pettorano sul GizioItaly
Castel Camponeschi, Prata d’AnsidoniaItaly
Castello De Sanctis, RoccacasaleItaly
Castle of San Pio delle Camere, San Pio delle CamereItaly
Castle of Sant’Eusanio Forconese, Sant’Eusanio ForconeseItaly
Rocca Orsini, Scurcola MarsicanaItaly
Rocca di Villalago, VillalagoItaly
Palazzo baronale, ArchiItaly
Castle of Carpineto Sinello, Carpineto SinelloItaly
Castello Masciantonio, CasoliItaly
Castelfraiano, Castiglione Messer MarinoItaly
Castello Caldora, CivitaluparellaItaly
Castello Baglioni, Civitella Messer RaimondoItaly
Castello ducale di Crecchio, CrecchioItaly
Castello di Gamberale, GamberaleItaly
Castello di Septe, MozzagrognaItaly
Castello Franceschelli, MontazzoliItaly
Castello di Monteodorisio, MonteodorisioItaly
Castello Aragonese, OrtonaItaly
Castello marchesale, PalmoliItaly
Castello di Roccascalegna, RoccascalegnaItaly
Castello Caldoresco, VastoItaly
Castello di Musellaro, BolognanoItaly
Castello Mediceo, Bussi sul TirinoItaly
Castello Chiola-Caracciolo, Loreto AprutinoItaly
Castello De Sterlich-Aliprandi, NoccianoItaly
Castello ducale, PescosansonescoItaly
Castello ducale Cantelmo, PopoliItaly
Palazzo De Felice, RoscianoItaly
Castello di Salle, SalleItaly
Castello Farnese, San Valentino in Abruzzo CiterioreItaly
Castel Menardo, SerramonacescaItaly
Castello Caracciolo, Tocco da CasauriaItaly
Castello Gizzi, Torre de’ PasseriItaly
Palazzo De Sterlich [it], CermignanoItaly
Fortezza di Civitella del Tronto, Civitella del TrontoItaly
Castel Manfrino, Valle CastellanaItaly
Baraing Castle [it], Pont-Saint-MartinItaly
Savoy Castle [it], Gressoney-Saint-JeanItaly
Fort Bard (or Bard Fort), BardItaly
Verrès Castle, VerrèsItaly
Issogne Castle, IssogneItaly
Graines Castle, BrussonItaly
Chenal Castle [it], MontjovetItaly
Ussel Castle [it], ChâtillonItaly
Cly Castle, Saint DenisItaly
Fénis Castle, FénisItaly
Nus Castle [it], NusItaly
Quart Castle [it], QuartItaly
Bramafam Castle [it], AostaItaly
Sarre Castle [it], SarreItaly
Aymavilles Castle [it], AymavillesItaly
Saint-Pierre Castle, Saint-PierreItaly
Sarriod de la Tour Castle, Saint-PierreItaly
Châtel-Argent, VilleneuveItaly
Introd Castle [it], IntrodItaly
Arvier Castle [it], ArvierItaly
Avise Castle [it], AviseItaly
Châtelard Castle, La SalleItaly
Castello Svevo, BariItaly
Conversano Castle, ConversanoItaly
Castle of Charles V, MonopoliItaly
Santo Stefano Castle, MonopoliItaly
Castello Normanno-Svevo, Sannicandro di BariItaly
Castello Normanno, TerlizziItaly
Altamura Castle, AltamuraItaly
Castel del Monte, AndriaItaly
Barletta Castle, BarlettaItaly
Castello Normanno, SpinazzolaItaly
Castello SvevoItaly
Castello di Belfiore, CapolonaItaly
Castello di Capraia, TallaItaly
Castello di Caprese MichelangeloItaly
Castello Cattani, Chiusi della VernaItaly
Castello di Cennina, BucineItaly
Castello dei Conti Guidi, Castel San NiccolòItaly
Castello dei Conti Guidi, MontemignaioItaly
Castello dei Conti Guidi, PoppiItaly
Castello di Faltona, TallaItaly
Castello di Fronzola, PoppiItaly
Castello di Gressa, BibbienaItaly
Castello di Montauto, AnghiariItaly
Castello di Montebenichi, BucineItaly
Castello di Montecchio Vesponi, Castiglion FiorentinoItaly
Castello di Porciano, StiaItaly
Castello di Pieve a Ranco, ArezzoItaly
Castello di Romena, PratovecchioItaly
Castello di Rondini, Arezzo)Italy
Castelsecco, ArezzoItaly
Castello di Gargonza, Monte San SavinoItaly
Castello di Pontenano, TallaItaly
Castello di Valenzano, SubbianoItaly
Castelnuovo di SubbianoItaly
Fortezza Medicea, ArezzoItaly
Rocca del Girifalco, CortonaItaly
Rocca di Pierle, CortonaItaly
list of 786 famous castles. source

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Microsoft bing quiz answer, home quiz, trivial quiz answer Microsoft Rewards Bing Search Homepage Quiz Answered: This or that? Which castle's home country begins with the letter E, F, G, or I? Which castle's home country begins with the letter E F G or I?
Microsoft Rewards Bing Search Homepage Quiz : Which castle’s home country begins with the letter E F G or I?

Which castle’s home country begins with the letter E, F, G, or I?