Answered: Which actor has won an Academy Award for Best Actor?

The Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is: Which actor has won an Academy Award for Best Actor? This or That?

The options and the correct answers to this Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question are tabulated below:

Option AOption BCorrect answer
Eddie RedmayneJohnny DeppEddie Redmayne
Anthony HopkinsEdward NortonAnthony Hopkins
Clint EastwoodAl PacinoAl Pacino
Robert RedfordLeonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio
Hugh JackmanJeremy IronsJeremy Irons
Jeff BridgesAlbert FinneyJeff Bridges
Montgomery CliftColin FirthColin Firth
Jack NicholsonRobert Downey Jr.Jack Nicholson
Rami MalekSamuel L. JacksonRami Malek
Donald SutherlandNicolas CageNicolas Cage
Which actor has won an Academy Award for Best Actor?

Here is a List of 101 Actors Who Has Won an Academy Award for Best Actor:

Adrien Brody
Al Pacino
Alec Guinness
Alfred Lunt
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Quinn
Art Carney
Ben Kingsley
Bing Crosby
Broderick Crawford
Burt Lancaster
Casey Affleck
Charles Laughton
Charlton Heston
Christopher Walken
Clark Gable
Colin Firth
Daniel Day-Lewis
David Niven
Denzel Washington
Dustin Hoffman
Eddie Redmayne
Emil Jannings
F. Murray Abraham
Forest Whitaker
Forrest Whitaker
Frederic March
Fredric March
Gary Cooper
Gary Oldman
Gene Hackman
Geoffrey Rush
George Arliss
George C. Scott
Gregory Peck
Henry Fonda
Humphrey Bogart
Jack Nicholson
James Cagney
Jamie Foxx
Jannings Emil
Jason Robards
Jean Dujardin
Jeff Bridges
Jeremy Irons
Joaquin Phoenix
Jon Voight
Kevin Spacey
Laurence Olivier
Lawrence Olivier
Lionel Barrymore
Mahershala Ali
Marlon Brando
Matt Damon
Matthew McConaughey
Michael Caine
Michael Douglas
Morgan Freeman
Muzio Rinaldo
Nicolas Cage
Paul Luce
Paul Muni
Paul Newman
Paul Scofield
Peter Finch
Peter Firth
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Ralph Fiennes
Rami Malek
Rex Harrison
Richard Burton
Richard Dreyfuss
Robert De Niro
Robert Donat
Robert Duvall
Robert Redford
Roberto Benigni
Rod Steiger
Russell Crowe
Sean Connery
Sean Connory
Sean Penn
Sidney Poitier
Spencer Tracy
Timothee Chalamet
Timothy Chalamet
Timothy Hutton
Tom Hanks
Tom Hulce
Tom J. Lewis
Tom Scholte
Tom Wilkinson
Tommy Lee Jones
Wallace Beery
Walter Huston
Warner Baxter
William Holden
William Hurt
William Powell
List of 101 Actors Who Has won Academy an award for best actor

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Answered: Which actor has won an Academy Award for Best Actor?