Jeff Beck’s $10 Million Finger Insurance: A High-stakes Gamble for a High-profile Career

Jeff Beck's $10 Million Finger Insurance: A High-stakes Gamble for a High-profile Career
Jeff Beck’s $10 Million Finger Insurance

Celebrities are often admired not only for their talents but also for their physical appearances. These features can be a significant source of income for stars, and any changes to them can potentially harm their ability to work and earn money. To protect themselves financially, some celebrities have taken out insurance policies on their looks and body parts.

One famous example is rock legend Jeff Beck, who insured his fingers for a large sum of money after he almost lost one in a kitchen accident. Jeff Beck entered into a $10 Million Finger Insurance because of this incident. Jeff Beck is known for his impressive guitar skills and has won multiple Grammys throughout his career. He has also worked with notable names such as Kelly Clarkson, James Hetfield, and Johnny Depp.

Insuring body parts is not a new concept among the rich and famous. For years, celebrities have taken out costly policies to protect their income-generating features. There have been rumors of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez insuring their body parts, such as her alleged $27 million insurance policy on her backside. However, these rumors have not been confirmed.

Other celebrities known to have insured their body parts include Mariah Carey, who insured her 5-octave voice and legs for $35 million, and Julia Roberts, who insured her famous smile for $30 million. Miley Cyrus also made headlines for insuring her tongue for close to $1 million, as sticking out her tongue had become her trademark.

Overall, while some of these insurance policies may seem excessive, they serve as a way for celebrities to protect themselves financially and ensure that their income-generating features remain protected.