Which children’s book author was born after Dr. Seuss (3/2/1904)?  – Warpspeed quiz Answered

Which children’s book author was born after Dr. Seuss (3/2/1904)?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

L. Frank Baum
Roald Dahl
J.M. Barrie
Laura Ingalls Wilder

The correct answer is Roald Dahl ( born in Sep 13, 1916).

See The Reason for That answer below:

Roald Dahl (1916-1990) was a British author, famous for his children’s books that continue to be popular worldwide. Born in Wales, Dahl served in the Royal Air Force during World War II, and after the war, he became a writer. He began by writing short stories for adults, which were often dark and macabre, and were published in magazines such as The New Yorker and Playboy.

Dahl’s first book for children was “James and the Giant Peach,” published in 1961, followed by other beloved classics such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Matilda,” “The BFG,” and “The Witches.” His stories were known for their imaginative and fantastical elements, their dark humor, and their often-unpredictable plot twists.

Aside from his children’s books, Dahl also wrote screenplays and short stories for adults, including “Tales of the Unexpected,” which was later adapted into a popular TV series. Dahl’s work has been translated into 63 languages, and his books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. He remains a beloved figure in children’s literature and his stories continue to inspire generations of readers.

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Which children's book author was born after Dr. Seuss (3/2/1904)?