Which actor used a foul-smelling perfume to enhance his performance as Henry VIII? answered

Which actor used a foul-smelling perfume to enhance his performance as Henry VIII?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A Jude Law
B Bryan Cranston
C Nic Cage

The correct answer is ‘Jude Law.

See The Reason for That answer below:

Jude Law has revealed that he opted for an “awful” fragrance composed of “blood, faecal matter, and sweat” to authentically embody the character of Henry VIII in his latest film, Firebrand. The British actor, aged 50, portrays the former King of England, renowned for his six marriages, in director Karim Aïnouz’s historical drama.

During the film’s press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, Law shared insights into his preparation for the role, stating that he came across accounts describing the putrid odor of Henry VIII, who concealed the stench with rose oil due to his decaying leg. Law believed that emanating an unpleasant smell would have a profound impact on his portrayal.

Working alongside a perfume specialist, Law collaborated on creating a repulsive scent that would accurately mimic the king’s foul aroma. In his later years, Henry VIII suffered from chronic leg ulcers, believed to have been caused by an infection resulting from a jousting accident in 1536.

Law praised the perfume specialist, mentioning her ability to craft both delightful and repugnant fragrances. She managed to concoct an extraordinary blend of blood, faecal matter, and sweat. Initially, Law used the scent subtly, intending to personally apply it, but eventually, it became a frequent spray during filming. Director Aïnouz recalled the impact of Law’s arrival on set, describing it as truly unpleasant.

Firebrand, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival with an eight-minute standing ovation, portrays the final stages of Henry VIII’s life. Alicia Vikander stars as Catherine Parr, his sixth and last wife and queen.

While the film has garnered positive reviews from critics, it has also sparked curiosity regarding a particular aspect: the appearance of the rotund king’s bare buttocks during a sex scene with Catherine. Some critics have speculated whether Law used a body double for the scene.

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Which actor used a foul-smelling perfume to enhance his performance as Henry VIII?