Answered: Jennifer Lawrence said she’d be starstruck if she ever met this celeb…

The Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is: Jennifer Lawrence said she’d be starstruck if she ever met this celeb…

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A: Jessica Simpson
B: Martha Stewart
C: Snoop Dogg

The correct answer to this Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is:

A: Jessica Simpson

See The Reason for That answer below:

In a recent interview with W Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she would be starstruck if she were to meet her favorite celebrity, Jessica Simpson. The Hunger Games star stated, “That would knock me over.” Lawrence also mentioned that the biggest celebrities in the world, such as Pete Davidson, leave her starstruck as well. She also mentioned that when she worked with Ariana Grande on her last film Don’t Look Up, she felt like a radio-contest winner.

Additionally, Lawrence shared that as a child, she didn’t consider herself cool, although she did have an Avril Lavigne poster in her room. The interview also covered other topics such as the movie that always makes her cry, Father of the Bride. Lawrence, who is also a mother, said, “I’m so sensitive now that I can barely watch anything with children or animals.”

Lawrence is currently receiving awards consideration for her role in the 2022 Apple TV+ drama Causeway.

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