Reese Witherspoon says that a third ‘Legally Blonde’ movie won’t happen without which actor? – Answered

The Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is: Reese Witherspoon says that a third ‘Legally Blonde’ movie won’t happen without which actor?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A: Regina King
B: Jennifer Coolidge
C: Bruiser

The correct answer is Jennifer Coolidge.

See The Reason for That answer below:

Reese Witherspoon recently made headlines by announcing that she won’t be making a third ‘Legally Blonde’ movie without Jennifer Coolidge reprising her role as Paulette. The original movie, released in 2001, starred Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a sorority girl who defies all odds and enrolls in Harvard Law School in order to win back her ex-boyfriend.

The film was an instant success, grossing over $141 million worldwide, and spawned a sequel in 2003. Both films were met with positive reviews, with particular praise going to Coolidge’s performance as Paulette, Elle’s foil and eventual friend.

In a recent interview, Witherspoon made it clear that the third movie won’t happen without the return of the beloved character. She said that Coolidge is the “heart and soul” of the franchise and that it wouldn’t feel right to make a movie without her. Witherspoon also said that she has been in contact with Coolidge and that they have discussed the possibility of making a third movie.

Although Witherspoon is confident about Coolidge’s return, she did not provide any details about the movie’s plot or release date. However, fans will certainly be eagerly awaiting news about the potential threequel.

With the success of ‘Legally Blonde’ in the early 2000s, the film continues to be remembered as an important part of pop-culture. The film is widely seen as empowering for women and has been credited with making the phrase “you can do it” an iconic part of the movie. As such, fans of Coolidge and Witherspoon alike will be looking forward to a potential third movie.

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Reese Witherspoon says that a third 'Legally Blonde' movie won't happen without which actor? - Answered
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