Answered: What is the Duluth Complex?

The Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is:  What is the Duluth Complex?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

  • A: A psychological condition
  • B: A shopping center
  • C: A rock formation

The correct answer to this Microsoft Rewards Bing HomePage Trivial quiz question is: C: A rock formation

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is located on the Duluth Complex, a mass of intrusive rock in northeast Minnesota. For many years, there has been a dispute over mining the 4 billion tons of copper and nickel ore within the complex, in an area just west of Boundary Waters. In recent years, a 20-year ban on mining was imposed to give time to study the potential effects of the mine. That ban was then overturned and is now potentially on the table again. Even more recently, some mining leases have been canceled, which may have sealed the deal on the mine’s future.


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