Which mountain did Nepali Sherpa guide Kami Rita just climb for a record 27th time? answered

Which mountain did Nepali Sherpa guide Kami Rita just climb for a record 27th time?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A Mount Everest
B K2
C Matterhorn

The correct answer is Mount Everest.

See The Reason for That answer below:

Renowned mountain guide Kami Rita reclaimed his title as the individual with the most successful climbs of Mount Everest, reaching the summit for the 27th time on Wednesday. Just three days prior, another Sherpa climber, Pasang Dawa, had matched Rita’s previous record of 26 ascents. The successful summit was accomplished by Kami Rita, aged 53, while leading a group of climbers on the world’s highest mountain. Mingma Sherpa of Seven Summit Treks confirmed that Kami Rita was safe and in good health.

The climbing season on Everest had commenced, and the first group of climbers reached the summit over the weekend. During this time, Sherpa guides play a crucial role in fixing ropes and creating pathways for the hundreds of climbers who aim to conquer the peak in the remaining days of May. May is considered the optimal month for climbing Everest due to favorable weather conditions. Typically, there are only a few windows of good weather on the highest section of the mountain during May, providing opportunities for climbers to reach the summit.

Beyond May, the weather on Everest tends to worsen, posing greater risks for climbers. Normally, by the first or second week of May, attempts for the summit begin. However, this year’s climbing season experienced a slight delay due to an incident in April where three Sherpa climbers fell into a deep crevasse on a hazardous section of the mountain. Unfortunately, the rescuers have been unable to locate them.

In the coming weeks, a surge in summit attempts is anticipated. The Nepalese authorities have issued approximately 470 permits for climbers aiming to conquer Everest this spring.

Kami Rita’s initial ascent of Everest took place in 1994, and he has been undertaking the journey almost every year since then. Like many Sherpa guides, his expertise and skills are crucial for the safety and success of foreign climbers who strive to reach the mountain’s peak annually. His father was also among the pioneering Sherpa guides. In addition to his Everest achievements, Kami Rita has conquered other renowned peaks such as K-2, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu, and Lhotse, all of which are among the highest in the world.

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Which mountain did Nepali Sherpa guide Kami Rita just climb for a record 27th time? answered