Which athlete set the British women’s 60m record during the World Indoor Tour in Birmingham? – answered

Which athlete set the British women’s 60m record during the World Indoor Tour in Birmingham?

The options that are given for this Bing homepage quiz are listed below:

A: Jodie Williams
B: Dina Asher-Smith
C: Daryll Neita

The correct answer is Dina Asher-Smith.

See The Reason for That answer below:

Watching Dina Asher-Smith go supersonic is one of the most thrilling sights for British track and field fans. It’s not just her speed that takes your breath away, but also the efficiency of her movement and the sense of dominance she exudes as she leaves a world-class field behind. In Birmingham, the near sell-out crowd roared as Asher-Smith set a British 60m record of 7.03sec in her heat of the World Indoor Tour finals, before winning the final in 7.05 and leaving world and European champions in her wake.

Although she expressed mixed emotions, confessing that she had hoped to achieve a 6.9, there was a sense that Asher-Smith had vanquished the ghosts of 2022, a season marred by personal and physical setbacks.

Despite this, she still won a world 200m bronze and a European silver, and now she has set a notable marker for the upcoming outdoor season. In addition to beating world 200m champion Shericka Jackson, European 100m champion Gina Lückenkemper, and her biggest domestic rival, Daryll Neita, who finished second in 7.13, Asher-Smith knows that there is more to come.

Keely Hodgkinson and Neil Gourley also broke national indoor records in the women’s 800m and men’s 1500m respectively, but both expressed mixed emotions. Hodgkinson was disappointed to miss out on Jolanda Ceplak’s world record by 1.36 seconds, despite setting a British indoor 800m record of 1min 57.20sec and winning the Indoor Tour. Gourley, on the other hand, overtook the previous holder, Josh Kerr, to finish in 3min 32.48sec and set a new British record, but his achievement was somewhat overshadowed by Hodgkinson’s near miss. Nonetheless, it was an impressive day for British athletics.

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Which athlete set the British women's 60m record during the World Indoor Tour in Birmingham? - answered